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A young monk named Clerica wants to meditate in the garden but the local wildlife keeps annoying her! Help her avoid those pesky animals and reach enlightenment!

This game was made over the course of 4 days for our first personal game jam, but we found out that the GBJAM 7 was running at the same time and decided to join. Although we tried to keep our scope small and the design tight, we didn't manage to implement everything we wanted. If you find any bugs or have feedback for us please let us know!


Any key at the title screen to start the game
W A S D or directional keys to move
We also recommend playing it with a controller


Made and designed by

Fabi: Coding
Leon: Graphics, SFX and music
Simon: Graphics and animation

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Install instructions

Unzip the project and open the .exe main in the folder Game Files.


Clerica.rar 21 MB

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