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A thief finds herself in the ruins of an ancient underwater city. There she finds a sword, or to be precise, a blade. But not just any kind of blade.

A Gravity Blade!

Now, she must only find her way out again...


What we intended to be a one week game-jam, turned into two and a half months of code juggling, engine hacking and physics breaking. The end result is a deep core mechanic and the biggest game we have made so far.

Controls on a Controller:

Left stick to move
Right stick to aim
Right trigger to place blade
X/Square button to jump in the air and brake while airborne

We recommend playing with a controller if possible.

Controls on a Keyboard:

WASD to move
Up, Down, Left & Right to aim
Spacebar to place blade, jump and brake

Knowing that, let's move on to...

How To Play:

This is a rough explanation of how to play, the game is of course best understood while playing.

  • When you aim with the right stick, the crosshair appears.
  • The blade appears  on top of the crosshair. 
  • As soon as the blade is placed in the ground its gravity starts to pull you in.
  • You can pick the sword back up  by running into it.
  • When you jump into the air you get pulled towards the sword faster, because there is less friction than on the floor.
  • While airborne you can still control your character, this also allows  you to avoid the sword and move  about within it's gravitational range. 
  • Flying around the sword you can choose where you want to land.
  • If you brake in the air you will slide a bit across the floor depending on your speed in the air.
  • To attack an enemy you have to fly into the sword to pick it up and with the remaining speed, hit an enemy.



Fabi, Leon & Simon:




And a huge thanks to the amazing developers behind the Godot Engine and the lovely Godot community who made this possible in the first place!

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Install instructions

Download the .exe and .pck file. 

Both must be in the same directory. Then just click on Gravity Blade.exe to start the game.


Gravity Blade.exe 35 MB
Gravity Blade.pck 115 MB

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